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Busy Busy

by Rachel Myers on 01/11/19

Hi Everyone,

We've been real busy here. Catching up on year end businessy things. Things most people cringe at, like inventory. We've also been cleaning out the student storage areas so we have more space for new and returning people.

We still have a list of chores, but we're feeling so much better now that we've ticked some of the biggest things off the list.

Speaking of the list, we've been thinking about revamping the website. Are there things that any of you who check out our website want to see different? Please let us know in the comments. Any and all suggestions/criticisms are welcome.

Happy New Year!

by Rachel Myers on 01/06/19

Hi Everyone,

We hope everyone has had a great start to the new year. We have been busy at HDLC, our front room display has been revamped due to an increase in fabric sample books. Our original supplier Duralee has now merged with Robert Allen and as such our supply of books doubled. We have also added Charlotte Fabrics and Barrow to our repertoire. Please come check out all of the new fabulous fabrics!

We do also apologize for our lack of newsletters the last few weeks of the year. The calendaring system has discontinued their newsletter service suddenly. We are checking out a new newsletter service provider.

Check out our schedule of upcoming upholstery and home d├ęcor classes by clicking on the class schedule button.

We hope to see you soon!

The Holidays are here!

by Rachel Myers on 11/20/18

Ugh, where has the year gone?

It's that time of year for HDLC's annual Holiday Party. We hope to see you there!

Holiday Party 2018

Long time, no post

by Rachel Myers on 06/26/17

Hi Everyone,

Its been a while since the last post. We've been crazy busy here at HDLC!

New photos have been added to the Student Creations page, go check them out!

And a couple of new classes have been added to the calendar! The most anticipated one being the Color in Your Everyday Life class. This class is all about color, theory and mixing! Looks to be a great one! Don't miss it!

Fun upcoming class!

by Rachel Myers on 03/23/17

Hey everyone! thought I'd let you all know there is an embellished pillow class coming up! The double needle pintuck. In this class you will learn how to create unique designs using a double needle and thin cording. Here is the link to the class