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Owner of Fashion in Harmony, an independent pattern company in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in designs utilizing the amazing bias cut. In June of 2014, Julianne and (former business partner) Susan Lenahan published their first book, Bias Cut Blueprints which details their unique method of creating garments that are cut and sewn on the straight-of-grain, but worn on the true bias.
​Julianne Bramson creates distinctive designs based on the bias cut. Her unique method of creating bias cut garments puts the majority of the seams on the straight-of-grain, while the garment hangs on the true bias. This method helped Julianne win the "Best Overall" prize in the 2009 ASDP/Threads Challenge for her design of a “luxurious bias cut velvet dress" (Threads Magazine, Issue #148). Julianne has written several articles for Threads Magazine and teaches about bias-cut garment design all over the country.

You may see photos of her work and reach Julianne through the company website: 

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Julianne Bramson
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